Welcome to "Infinite Horizons," an extraordinary RPG experience that transcends time and space. Venture forth as explorers traversing diverse worlds, each shrouded in captivating mysteries and heart-pounding challenges. Your journey begins with a simple premise, but soon you'll find reality unraveling, as you awaken in alternate dimensions, unaware of the grand experiment unfolding.

But beware! All is not what it seems. Clues will reveal that your experiences are an interconnected augmented reality experiment, known as "Infinite Horizons." As you delve deeper, the boundaries between worlds blur, and the truth becomes your ultimate quest.

Prepare for mind-bending adventures, where you'll unravel enigmas, forge alliances, and defy the boundaries of reality. Your decisions will shape the fate of the multiverse, as you traverse through the infinite expanse of "Infinite Horizons."

a multi-story setting campaign of discovery

In "Infinite Horizons," the storyteller crafts a captivating narrative where the players initially awaken in one of the other thrilling story settings without any knowledge of the augmented reality experiment that awaits them. For instance, they find themselves stranded in the grim post-apocalyptic world of "Infected Earth," surrounded by hordes of relentless zombies, or they might awaken as intrepid explorers aboard the starship "Star Voyage," charting unknown territories in the vast cosmos.

Little do they know that their surroundings are but a clever illusion, meticulously designed by a mysterious entity using advanced AR technology. As they venture through these diverse and immersive worlds, they encounter perilous challenges and unexpected allies, convinced that their experiences are genuine.

However, clues begin to surface, leading them to question the authenticity of their reality. Strange occurrences and unexplainable phenomena start to creep into their adventures, random memories of a "past life and acquaintances" blurring the lines or reality between the various settings. As the players delve deeper into the heart of each realm, they slowly piece together the truth - they are part of an interconnected multiverse experiment called "Infinite Horizons," — But what is it's purpose?

Guided by the storyteller's expert narration, the players find themselves on a thrilling journey of discovery, weaving through multiple story settings and dimensions. Each scenario holds its own mysteries, dangers, and opportunities, and the players must rely on their wit and camaraderie to navigate the ever-shifting landscape.

"Infinite Horizons" offers an unparalleled role-playing experience where players traverse between diverse worlds, each with its own unique challenges and hidden secrets. The storyteller's artistry in seamlessly connecting these settings and immersing players in a mind-bending adventure ensures that "Infinite Horizons" will be a campaign they'll remember for a lifetime.

The Main Story

Within Neuronexia, the powerful corporations vie for supremacy, wielding influence over various organizations in hopes of ways to shut down the "Synaptic" outliers. Each corporation has its own agenda and motivations, but all are agreed that the "Synaptic" network of "free-will" must be eliminated.

The captured characters are "booted" into the Augmented Neural Interface (ANI). Ani keeps the team busy in high quality simulations while it secretly probes their minds to extract the information about the Synaptic. Unraveling each ANI simulation may determine the survival of not only the Synaptic, but free will itself.

The characters awaken in various vivid settings, each seemingly real and immersive. Little do they know that they are actually inside an advanced Augmented Neural Interface (ANI) simulation, expertly crafted by Neuronexis corporations. Their surroundings appear tangible, and their experiences feel genuine, making it difficult for them to distinguish reality from simulation.

Clues and hints will slowly unfold as they escape one perplexing scenario, leading them deeper into the enigmatic world of interconnected simulations, where truth and deception entwine in an ever-shifting reality.

Each time they awaken, in a new body, with no memories of the past. Only through discovery and escape can they put the pieces together.