Skills and Expertise

The following are the general definitions for the skills and expertise used within the RPGA system.


Fitness represents a character's physical prowess, conditioning, and overall athleticism. It encompasses their strength, agility, coordination, and endurance. Characters skilled in Fitness can perform feats of physicality, excel in physical challenges, and endure physically demanding situations.

  • Athleticism: This expertise focuses on physical prowess, agility, and coordination. It covers activities such as running, jumping, climbing, and other athletic feats.

  • Acrobatics: This expertise delves into the art of precise and nimble movements, including flips, somersaults, balancing acts, and intricate acrobatic maneuvers.


Knowledge reflects a character's breadth of understanding, wisdom, and intellectual capabilities. It encompasses their accumulated knowledge, academic pursuits, and familiarity with the world's lore and history. Characters skilled in Knowledge possess deep insights, can uncover hidden information, and excel in intellectual challenges.

  • Lore: This expertise represents a character's understanding of historical events, legends, cultures, and significant information about the game world. It encompasses knowledge of ancient civilizations, mythical creatures, and magical lore.

  • Scholar: This expertise reflects a character's academic knowledge, research capabilities, and general intellectual pursuits. It covers areas such as literature, philosophy, sciences, and other scholarly disciplines.


Awareness represents a character's perceptiveness, keen senses, and intuition. It involves their ability to observe, notice details, and detect subtle cues in their environment. Characters skilled in Awareness are attentive, vigilant, and excel in tasks that require keen observation and perception.

  • General: This expertise encompasses a character's overall perceptiveness, intuition, and ability to observe their surroundings. It includes noticing details, detecting hidden objects or traps, and general awareness of the environment.

  • Detail: This expertise focuses on the character's exceptional attention to small and specific details. It involves deciphering codes, identifying intricate patterns, and noticing subtle clues that others might overlook.


Performance reflects a character's ability to captivate an audience, sway opinions, and interact with others. It encompasses their social skills, charisma, and proficiency in public speaking or diplomacy. Characters skilled in Performance excel in communication, negotiation, and influencing others.

  • Diplomacy: This expertise centers around a character's social and persuasive abilities. It involves negotiation, mediation, convincing others, and handling delicate situations with tact and diplomacy.

  • Distraction: This expertise emphasizes the character's talent for diverting attention, creating diversions, and performing acts that draw focus away from specific areas or events.


Sneak represents a character's stealth, ability to move silently, and expertise in covert operations. It involves their aptitude for remaining undetected, blending into shadows, and infiltrating restricted areas. Characters skilled in Sneak excel in subterfuge, disguises, and performing tasks without being noticed.

  • Disguise: This expertise focuses on the art of assuming different identities, altering appearances, and effectively disguising oneself to blend in or deceive others.

  • Movement: This expertise encompasses the character's ability to move stealthily and silently, avoiding detection while navigating through various terrains or environments.


Weapons represent a character's proficiency in combat, both in close-quarters and ranged engagements. It encompasses their skill with various weapons, mastery of combat techniques, and accuracy in wielding arms. Characters skilled in Weapons are formidable fighters, capable of both offense and defense with their chosen weapons.

  • Melee: This expertise revolves around close-quarters combat, proficiency with handheld weapons, and expertise in hand-to-hand combat techniques.

  • Ranged: This expertise involves skill and accuracy in using ranged weapons such as bows, crossbows, firearms, or any other projectile-based weaponry.