Hilp's Harvest Havok

This is a stand alone plot hook that can be used for random traveling adventurers or for use with the “locals to heros” Misfits One-shots.


10/24/20233 min read

In the peaceful village of Hilp, a recent and mysterious phenomenon has befallen the community. The once bountiful and thriving crops that sustained the village are inexplicably vanishing overnight, leaving the farmers and villagers worried about their future.

Upon arriving in Hilp, the adventurers quickly learn that the village’s livelihood depends heavily on its agricultural output. However, over the past few weeks, crops have been disappearing at an alarming rate. Fields of wheat, vegetable patches, and fruit orchards are left barren, with no sign of who or what is behind this devastating occurrence.

The concerned villagers are turning to the adventurers, seeking their aid in unraveling the mystery and finding a solution to the vanishing crops.

If you are running Misfits, add the following for your players:

  • Upon arriving in Hilp, the adventurers decided this was a “stupid local problem” and “fucked off”, leaving the villagers without hope.

  • The concerned elders are now turning to their citizens for help, seeking their aid in unraveling the mystery and finding a solution to the vanishing crops.

  • By assisting their friends and families in Hilp and solving the mystery of the vanishing crops, you can not only earn the gratitude of the elders, but earn some respect, some coin, and maybe a better reputation.

  • Oh.. and also ensure the village’s survival.

As the adventurers delve deeper into the investigation, they discover strange clues and encounter peculiar occurrences. Unsettling whispers of a mischievous fey presence in the nearby forest begin to circulate among the villagers.

It becomes evident that a mischievous group of forest-dwelling fey creatures, such as sprites or pixies, has taken a liking to playing pranks on the villagers. These playful fey creatures, driven by a combination of boredom and curiosity, have been stealthily stealing and relocating the crops, causing distress and endangering the livelihood of Hilp’s inhabitants.

The adventurers must navigate the enchanted forest, uncover the mischievous fey’s hideout, and find a way to reason with or appease them. Perhaps the fey have a particular demand or simply need entertainment to divert their attention from the village’s crops. Resolving the situation peacefully could involve negotiating with the fey, completing a quest for them, or finding an alternative source of amusement that will make them abandon their pranks.

By assisting the villagers in Hilp and solving the mystery of the vanishing crops, the adventurers not only earn their gratitude but also ensure the village’s survival and reestablish the balance between the human settlements and the fey inhabitants of the nearby forest.

Hilp Description

Hilp is a small village nestled in the rolling hills of Faerun. While not as prominent or bustling as a city, Hilp offers a tranquil and charming setting for adventurers seeking a respite from their travels. Hilp is located in a picturesque countryside, surrounded by lush meadows, babbling brooks, and patches of dense woodland. The village itself consists of a cluster of quaint cottages, each with its own neatly kept garden. The air is filled with the scent of wildflowers, and the villagers take great pride in maintaining their idyllic surroundings.

Population: 150 – 200

The village’s size allows for a close-knit community where everyone knows each other, fostering a sense of familiarity and camaraderie among the villagers. This population range also allows for a manageable number of NPCs (non-player characters) for you to create and interact with during your adventures in Hilp.


The villagers of Hilp are known for their warm hospitality and tight-knit community. They lead simple lives, relying primarily on farming and agriculture for sustenance. The village is populated by hardworking farmers, skilled craftsmen, and a few wise elders who provide guidance and counsel to the community.

Landmarks and Points of Interest

  1. The Sunflower Inn: The heart of the village, the Sunflower Inn is a cozy establishment where locals and visitors gather to share stories, enjoy hearty meals, and rest their weary heads. The innkeeper, a jovial and friendly individual, is always ready to offer a warm welcome and a hot meal.

  2. Harvest Square: A small open area at the center of the village, Harvest Square serves as a marketplace where farmers bring their fresh produce, handcrafted goods, and livestock for trade. It’s a vibrant spot filled with the lively chatter of villagers and the aroma of homemade treats.

  3. The Old Oak: Standing proudly at the outskirts of Hilp, the Old Oak is a massive, ancient tree that is revered by the villagers. It is believed to be a sacred site, and some say that it holds mystical powers. Villagers often gather here for festivals, ceremonies, and important gatherings.

  4. The Whispering Brook: A gentle stream that meanders through the village, the Whispering Brook provides fresh water and a serene backdrop to Hilp. Rumors persist that the waters hold healing properties, attracting visitors seeking remedies for ailments and wounds.

  5. The Path of Tranquility: A winding footpath that leads from Hilp into the surrounding countryside. The path is flanked by wildflowers, and it offers a peaceful stroll for those seeking solitude or a connection with nature.ere...